Effective Laser Therapy

Lasers are a growing and versatile treatment option that solve a variety of skin issues for medispa clients. Board-certified dermatologist Lori A. Brightman, M.D., who specializes in Mohs micrographic surgery, dermatologic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, and laser surgery, shared some of the common skin issues she sees and how lasers combined with other treatments can solve them.

  1. Pigmentation in the form of brown spots or sunspots come from UV exposure. You can start with just topical treatment like hydroquinone or more natural based products like licorice root, fruit acids, soy, or a natural enzyme called elure. You can get rid of these browns spots also with laser, most effectively with Q-switch ruby or Nd:YAG laser (depending on the client's skin type).
  2.  Scar treatment depends on the type of scar. For a slightly raised scar, over the counter silicone sheets can provide some improvement for patients. If it is a much thicker scar or a depressed scar, fractional laser is ideal for minimizing its appearance, but it does require several treatments. If the scar is red, a pulse dye laser is effective. Often, a scar will have pink or red color as well as textural change and the best treatment in this case is a combination of pulse dye laser and fractional non-ablative laser. The goal for treating all scars is to replace the damaged scar collagen with new smooth collagen, allowing for an even appearance to the skin. For more significant scars, like deep acne scars or surgical scars, a fractional ablative laser is needed.
  3. Tattoos can be treated with much greater success now than even a few years ago thanks to new laser developments. The results vary based on the age of the tattoo, colors in the tattoo, if it has been re-tattooed and the skin type of the patient. These are all important facts to share with the patient to keep maintain reasonable expectations. The best lasers to use corresponds to the colors of the tattoo, including Q-switch ruby, Nd:YAG, Picosure, fractional co2 and fractional non-ablative. 
  4. Many patients come in looking for overall improvement in facial skintone, pigmentation, and dullness. We often combine fractional non-ablative laser with either natural fruit acids, serums, or skin lightening products to address these complexion concerns.