Global Smile Foundation Helps Patients with Facial Congenital Deformities

The mission of the Global Smile Foundation (GSF) is to alleviate the suffering of underserved patients born with facial congenital deformities. The organization's area of expertise is cleft lips and palates, a growing problem in developing nations. Every year more 170,000 children are born with a cleft lip or palate and most are unable to afford reconstructive surgery. Such a deformity impedes speaking and eating and in more severe cases, many are unable to attend school or work as a result. To help these patients, GSF relies on a team of dedicated professionals who volunteer their time to save and change lives around the world. GSF’s comprehensive cleft team—senior cleft surgeons, pediatric anesthesiologists, pediatricians, nursing staff, craniofacial and pediatric dentists, and speech therapists—provides a multi-disciplinary approach for children and adults.  The volunteers are highly trained medical professionals from renowned institutions, including Harvard-affiliated hospitals, Johns Hopkins, Tufts University Medical Center, Sloan Kettering, UCLA, and more. Currently GSF volunteers are helping patients in Central America, South America, Western Africa, and the Middle East.