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For some conditions, in-spa treatments aren't enough to remedy the problem. Thinning hair is one of them and many clients can benefit from daily supplements in addition to various services aimed at reviving locks. We talked to Anna Urban, cofounder of Aviva, a haircare company with products aimed at helping people achieve healthy hair, and Marnie Nussbaum, M.D., FAAD, to learn more about hair supplements, how they work, and how they are beneficial for spas.

How do supplements work?

AU: Beauty supplements are a great way to give hair, skin and nails the nutrients you need. By simply adding supplements into your daily routine, you can enhance the quality of your true beauty. Over time our hair, skin and nails undergo a great deal of distress. The safest and easiest way to restore the nutrients that you may lack is by taking beauty supplements. These supplements will simply strengthen your hair and nails and even speed up the growth process.

Aviva’s newest product launch, Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition, is a twice daily all –natural supplement that provides healthy hair growth. Formulated with 18 essential nutrients that the hair needs like Biotin, Vitamin B5, Folic Acid, Iron, Zinc, and Selenium, its dual complex works with the natural hair growth cycle to stimulate healthy hair growth from within, enriching and enhancing the follicle, allowing it to produce stronger, thicker, and beautiful hair. As Aviva’s Advanced Hair Nutrition stimulates and improves the health of these hair follicles deep beneath the surface, it revitalizes the hair’s DNA. Working with the natural hair growth cycle, Aviva helps support existing hair structure and encourages new, emerging hair.

How are they beneficial to hair growth?

AU: Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition enables you to achieve five levels of healthy hair growth:

Level 1 – The active ingredients in every Aviva softgel deliver essential daily nourishment to every hair follicle, providing key nutrients with its dual complex of Pentaplex and TetraPlex.

Level 2 – Aviva begins healthy hair production from within starting up to 6mm beneath the scalp’s surface.

Level 3 – Soon, baby hairs begin to emerge around the hairline. Thin, dull and wispy hair is nourished by the dual complex. Healthy hair growth continues as hair shedding and breakage is reduced.

Level 4 – New nourished hair emerges on the scalp faster looking stronger, thicker and more beautiful, while existing hair becomes healthier, stronger and more vibrant.

Level 5 – Aviva dual complex of Pentaplex and TetraPlex work to speed up the hair growth phase and slow down the resting phase while decreasing the shedding phase of the hair growth cycle.

What should decision makers look for in supplements when stocking up?

MN: They should look for supplements containing quality ingredients and vitamins. Research what’s available in the market and see which ingredients fit your needs. Its important read the label carefully to see what nutrient forms are included and how natural the vitamins are. Also, check to see where the product is manufactured, whether it is a local facility in the U.S. or China.

How are supplements a business booster? How can they improve in-office treatments, create loyal customers?

MN: Offering the best supplements in addition to spa procedures will entice customers to come back. They work from inside out and really give our bodies the necessary nutrients and minerals to build on. They are sure to complement in-office treatments.