Increase Revenue Through Complimentary Services

Most esthetic practices have employees that are not productive all hours that they are paid, and we can all probably agree they could be used more productively. However, we might not all agree on my proposed solution. Free facials. We all know that dermal fillers offer more ROI than any service provided in your medical spa. Dermal fillers require little to no pre and/or post care and are cash and carry. If your aesthetician is not referring patients to you daily for dermal fillers and the profits that accompany this, "it is time to train your staff for success".

Offering your VIP patients as well as those that have done small quantities of dermal fillers, with a complimentary facial, you will round out their repertoire. Also consider offering the same complimentary facial to your patients that have chatted about dermal fillers and never taken the plunge to be as fabulous as they could be. Another ideal patient is the one that has never broached the subject of dermal fillers and would be an excellent candidate for the procedure, there are so many possibilities. Many times, the patient hasn't discussed this with you or your esthetician in the past, because they were never really educated about the procedure, not know what is available to them and the amazing results dermal fillers can bring.

The complimentary facial is a mini facial with little cost and little time involved on your end, but is appealing to the client. The esthetician has a unique opportunity to point out loss from the face, whether bone loss, collagen loss, or fat loss that a visual consultation does not address. Your patient should be in comfortable repose, while they are being informed of this.

The temples may be sagging, and pointing out the jaw line as well as each side of the chin where loss may have occurred over time, may prompt the patient to want to seriously discuss the possibilities of dermal fillers. There are many places on the face the esthetician will touch that will fodder discussion of loss that can be addressed with dermal fillers. Many practices I work with require that all estheticians perform a minimum of one complimentary facial for dermal fillers referrals daily.

Estheticians that are paid an hourly wage should use their entire non-booked time to feed your profit center, dermal filler injections, patients for consultations and injections. The most successful of practices offer a financial incentive to the esthetician. Even a small incentive offers your employee more motivation to assure your schedule is booked with patients for dermal filler injections and never has down time.

This technique is also valuable to increase retail sales. While touching the patient and pointing out the loss of volume, it is also the perfect time to note the texture of the skin and other concerns that could benefit from a new skincare regimen and specific products that address them from your retail area. This setting gives way to other services in your medical spa. Although not as profitable as dermal fillers, most physicians love their toys and the toys are not always busy. Lasers are another fabulous way to add additional income from skin resurfacing, pigment reduction, and skin tightening. These concerns can be diagnosed during a complimentary facial and shared with the client for a seamless transition into services with big profits.

John Treadwell is the Founder of Fabulous Face Presents and an experienced professional with over 35 years of results-driven expertise in the aesthetics market.  His record of professionalism and dynamic leadership skills has increased sales up to 412 percent in a single year by implementing his strategic techniques for aesthetics and medical practices all across the country.