Longevity Medical Spa Opens in Seaside Resort

A welcome addition to the Blue&Green Vilalara Thalassa Resort (Algarve, Portugal), Longevity Medical Spa opened this summer and offers guests an innovative health and wellness concept based on preventative medicine and anti-aging treatments. Among the most popular services on the menu are multi-day healing programs and wellness retreats that help guide spa-goers to a longer, healthier, and happier life. There are seven retreats from which guests can choose or submit specific personal goals for a tailored program to attain their desired physical and emotional results. Discover Wellness (starting at $700, 2 nights) is a relaxed program dedicated to health and wellbeing. Wellness Booster (starting at $3,305, 5 nights) aims to deliver a renewed sense of wellbeing and balance to spa-goers’ bodies, minds, and spirits. Relax & Wellness (starting at $4,065, 7 nights) helps revitalize visitors with a variety of physical evaluations, personal training, and spa therapies. Quick Detox (starting at $2,983, 5 nights) includes a medical consultation, lymphatic drainage, a nutrition plan, and spa therapies to help clients relieve stress and detoxify. Active Detox (starting at $4,535, 7 nights) cleanses the immune system, increases vitality, and improves overall health with a schedule of medical consultations, a nutrition consultation and meal plan, and detoxifying and relaxing spa services. Fitness Booster (starting at $2,055, 3 nights) focuses on physical activity with a personalized training plan, a nutrition and supplement plan, a biophysical evaluation, and a sports massage. The Weight Loss (starting at $4,615, 7 nights) program features medical and nutrition consultations with a specialized meal plan, detoxifying treatments, personal training, and toning spa therapies. With the wide range of relaxing marine-based services offered at Vilalara Thalassotherapy & Spa combined with the results-oriented Longevity Medical Spa, guests are sure to reach their loftiest wellness goals.—Jennifer Barnes

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