Med-Aesthetic Solutions Rebrands as SaltMed

The company also introduced a new corporate logo and rebranding of its signature technology: The SaltFacial. Photo credit: SaltMed

Medical Aesthetic Solutions recently announced it had changed the company name to SaltMed, along with introducing a new corporate logo and rebranding of its signature, ground-breaking technology: The SaltFacial, a non-thermal skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment. The SaltFacial delivery system is a class-2 medical-facial device entrusted for use on patients of all skin types, by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spas across the globe in a wide variety of applications. "This is proving to be the first of its kind in the skin rejuvenation category, showing quantifiable results from a specific medical-facial technology," says Gregory Chernoff, M.D., triple board-certified plastic surgeon. "Using The SaltFacial's three-prong approach, I'm seeing positive results for inflammation concerns, anti-aging, and acne and scar therapy."


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