The MedSerenity Channel Provides Mind-Body Healing Over the Airwaves

The MedSerenity Channel, launched by The Wellness Network and content partner Medcalm, is a new channel dedicated to programming for integrative mind-body healing and relaxation. It was developed to support pre- and post-operative patient care in virtually any hospital environment. Medcalm designs programs to help with pain relief, anxiety reduction, better sleep, and an overall peace of mind for viewers. "We are excited to complement our existing portfolio with this important new tool for holistic healing," says Dave Ross, COO of The Wellness Network. "Guided imagery, meditation, and other mind-body relaxation techniques are known to be clinically effective in reducing patient pain and improving quality of life, and The MedSerenity Channel offers hospitals a high-quality, cost-effective method of delivering integrative care right to the patient's room." The MedSerenity Channel is available by subscription to hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the U.S.—Jennifer Barnes