Melted Away

More than 80 percent of women have it, and many of them continue to spend hundreds, or even thousands a month to attempt to get rid of it. It is unwanted fat and cellulite. While it may not be life-threatening, unwanted fat often leads to the infamous ‘cottage cheese’ thighs are a cause for concern for women both young and old, making procedures like SmartLipo Laser more popular than ever before. Such procedures still may be intimidating to new clients and those just dipping a toe in the medical spa treatment market. Take a look at five things you need to know about non-invasive fat-melting procedures, and see if SmartLipo laser could be what clients are looking for.

1. How do these procedures work?
SmartLipo laser utilizes Cellulaze, a computer-aided laser ray procedure to dislocate fat cells and tissues resulting in their retraction and coagulation for long-lasting, cellulite-free regions.
2.  Are the procedures painful?
Contrary to traditional liposuction surgery, SmartLipo laser’s technology inserts energy into the fatty area of choice to burn the excessive fat and liquefy it. This new technology is virtually harmless, and does not cause damage to the other soft tissues of the body the way invasive surgical procedures are known to.
3. What is the expected recovery time?   
After this non-surgical treatment, the average patient heals very quickly, without the need to sit for days and perhaps months to get back to normal life, explains Dr. Alex Martin, Medical Director at the MetroMD institute of regenerative medicine that specializes in SmartLipo laser. Walking, running or doing other tasks have been reported just days following the procedures, he adds.   
4. Are these procedures FDA Approved?
Yes. Both the SmartLipo laser procedure and the Cellulaze device are approved by the Federal Drug Administration, and should be used only by experienced professionals.
5. Are results guaranteed?
Best results can be expected by those who are not significantly overweight, but have stubborn clusters of fatty areas often in places like the face, chin, around the waist, thighs, and belly.
In addition to removing unwanted fat from the body, laser-assisted therapy may also prevent the accumulation of fat in specifically treated regions. This therapy also improves the body’s fat burning capacity. People who spend a good amount of their time exercising and dieting but still not being able to shed off the extra fat can easily visit a trained liposuction doctor to prevent fat deposits in different parts of the body.