Necklift Procedures Experiencing an Upswing

Following the general trend toward less invasive, quicker recovery procedures, with smaller scars, more patients are opting for a necklift, rather than a full facelift with browlift and eyelid surgery. Such a procedure better fits into busy lives and requires little to no downtime, so it is an excellent option to suggest to patients. Plus, surgeons are also noticing patients who have opted for other non-invasive options like Botox, fillers, and lasers to maintain skin and slow signs of aging are able to postpone surgery. A rapid recovery necklift can be an ideal procedure for women in their 40s and 50s, and men in their 50s and up who do not want anything more extensive but desire an extra boost.

Here are five reasons why more patients are opting for necklifts from board-certified facial plastic surgeon and director of Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgery, Sam Rizk, M.D., FACS:

  • Women around the age of 40 who don't need a facelift yet, but are seeing signs of aging in their jawline
  • Men who are concerned with a turkey neck and looking older but don't want a full facelift
  • Clients who have lost a significant amount of weight resulting in sagging skin in their lower face and jowls.
  • Those who don't want major surgery, but are self conscious about their appearance in photographs and desire an enhancement
  • Patients with moderate slackening of their skin who need to get back to work quickly (in a week or so) without anyone knowing they had something done