New Tummy Tuck Patients

With summer and warmer temperatures, it's not just women who are worrying about getting their bodies beach ready. According to board certified plastic surgeon, Brent Moelleken, M.D., a surprising new trend of men wanting a "Male Tummy Tuck" for a firmer and flatter stomach is now a frequent request. "When the male body begins to age, even extra exercise and good nutrition may not give some men the flat, toned abdomen they once had in their youth," says Moelleken. "We are seeing in-shape, healthy men wanting a little "help" around the lower abs and love handles to achieve a look they can show off at the beach." Moelleken explains that, for many men, the aging process can be harsh. Despite steady exercise, some men can suddenly develop a pouched stomach and saggy pubic area. Weak abdominal muscles and excess or sagging skin around the midriff often accompanies these unwelcome developments.

The Male Tummy Tuck is for anatomical reasons different than the female tummy tuck.  During the surgical procedure, Moelleken tightens the loosened fascia through a limited incision in the pubic area of the abdomen, and elevates the loose skin. After tightening the fascia and elevating the pubic area, he then removes the excess sagging skin, which ultimately gives the patient a flatter, tight-looking stomach. Moelleken notes that men are taking a greater interest in esthetic surgical options and are often influenced by their wives or girlfriends when choosing plastic surgery. He adds that while much is known about female menopause, it is increasingly clear that men, too, go through a period of hormonal fluctuation. One of the casualties of this hormonal shift is that the deep layer of the fascia, weakens and pooches out. The pubic region sags down. For many men who have exercised regularly, this comes as a rude introduction to the middle age years!

According to Moelleken, in the past, many men shied away from a traditional abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedure. The long, hip-to-hip incision and resulting scar concerned many men. However, now they are willing to go for a lesser procedure involving removal of some extra skin and fat and some tightening of particularly the lower abdominal fascia. This Male Tummy Tuck procedure which is also refered to as a 'Boardshort Body Tuck' gives men a less invasive option to improve the appearance of their lower abdomens without a large unsightly scar or major down time. Moelleken notes that, while his patients are excited about the prospect of a shorter incision with his Male Tummy Tuck procedure, he as the surgeon loves the inherently better circulation and shorter time in surgery that his procedure allows compared with traditional abdominoplasty. Dr. Moelleken can safely perform the procedure in combination with other body procedures such as liposuction. Lastly, recovery is only about 7-10 days (compared to 14 days with other types of tummy tucks).

For a few patients who have lost excessive weight that has left them with large folds of additional skin, this is also an excellent procedure, although the incision is typically longer. This type of patient may have a larger scar and need a slightly longer time to recover than the standard 'Male Tummy Tuck' procedure, but ultimately the patient will achieve an excellent result.

"Having a flat stomach has long been thought of as just a woman's issue," says Moelleken. "Now, thanks to the Male Tummy Tuck, this summer's beaches, swimming pools and boardwalks will look better than ever as men gain back the confidence to show off their abs!"