Nutrient-Rich Facial

Mitchell Chasin, M.D., founder and medical director of Reflections Center for Skin and Body (multiple locations), delivers the lowdown on an anti-aging procedure that is generating buzz. He is an innovator in the field of lasers, aesthetic and cosmetic medicine, and technology. Chasin is considered a pioneer in a wide range of laser and aesthetic procedures.

Q. What exactly is Dermafrac, and how does it work?

A. Dermafrac, or collagen induction therapy, employs a small handheld roller that is covered with tiny needles. These needles are rolled painlessly along the skin, creating tiny holes known as microchannels, which are perfect conduits for the infusion of nutrients. The goal of the treatment is to create a controlled wound-healing process similar to what occurs with Fraxel and other fractionated laser treatments but on a much smaller, more superficial scale. Dermafrac treatments rally the body’s healing system, encouraging the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid on the surface of the skin. These natural compounds dwindle with advancing age and provide that supple, elastic quality most associated with youth.

Q. What prompted you to begin offering the procedure?

A. We are always looking to offer our patients the latest in aesthetic advances, and the first time we tried Dermafrac, we knew we had a winner. We have many patients who love facials and have tried everything, and they were simply blown away at how soft and supple their skin felt after the treatment. They’re a hard group to impress, but Dermafrac did it. It’s quickly becoming one of our most popular offerings.

Q. What type of training does Dermafrac require?

A. Any experienced esthetician should be able to learn how to use the system in a single training session with a representative from the manufacturer.

Q. Who is an ideal candidate?

A. Dermafrac isn’t a laser or a light-based treatment, so it’s not going to provide the results you’d associate with these more powerful procedures. That’s actually a good thing, because it is gentle enough for just about anyone. Dermafrac allows us to infuse nutrients into the skin, making it ideal for people suffering from acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, you name it.

Q. How are you marketing the procedure to clients?

A. Right now, we’re using mostly word-of-mouth. Our patients trust our estheticians to provide them with the latest and greatest treatments, and right now Dermafrac is at the top of the list. Our patients have been thrilled with the results of the treatment, and we’ve seen a lot of friendly referrals as a result.