Online HIPAA Training Course Debuts for Medical Spas

The American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) and its resource partner Medical Risk Institute have debuted a collaborative Online HIPAA Training Course. The course features leading health care attorney, Mike Sacopulos, JD, who has devoted his 20-year legal career to advising the healthcare community about where liability risks originate and how to avoid them.

This online training course will cover:

  • The anatomy of a HIPAA breach
  • The top five causes of a data breach
  • How to prevent HIPAA breaches
  • The economics of HIPAA
  • The economics of a PHI/e-PHI breach
  • The importance of vetting business associates

Participants can follow the multimedia demonstrations and information-packed modules at their own pace. The online training course concludes with a quiz that follows each staff member's completion. Those who pass the quiz will receive a certificate for documentation of training. The AmSpa/Medical Risk Institute Online HIPAA Training Course is available to each individual staff member for $49.99; AmSpa members save $10 when they use the code "AmSpa MRI Member" at checkout. For more information, click here.

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