R2 Technologies Launches Glacial Rx Treatment

Photo credit: Glacial Rx

R2 Technologies recently launched Glacial Rx, the an in-office CryoAesthetic age spot removal treatment that is FDA-cleared to remove benign lesions and temporarily reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Developed by the pioneers of CoolSculpting and Fraxel, Glacial Rx helps to improve skin appearance and freeze melanin at the source. The treatment harnesses the power of cold, using patented cooling technology, to suppress melanin production and remove unwanted dark spots. It also brightens, soothes, and renews skin for peak results and no downtime. “It took us a long time to ensure that we were creating a best-in-class treatment, giving unparalleled results and superior experiences to our patients, and we are thrilled to finally bring this matchless innovation to market,” says Tim Holt, CEO of R2.

In partnership with Allies of Skin, Glacial Rx offers a curated topical regimen made with optimal active ingredient concentrations that can be provided alongside the treatment at the healthcare professional's discretion. The treatment consists of:

  • Cool: The cold plate is applied to a spot for 15-20 seconds; no topical anesthetics or numbing agents needed.
  • Calm: The cooling handpiece is gently moved across the face to reduce redness and puffiness, clearing the way for skin to better absorb potent topicals.
  • Protect: Serums containing protective antioxidants and brightening agents can be applied, shielding the skin from environmental aggressors. Post-treatment take-home topical offerings, formulated with skin-beneficial plant derived actives, aid in skin recovery, accelerate skin’s desquamation process and re-epithelialization, and dramatically boost antioxidant activity to fight free radical damage.

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