Red Light Stops Wrinkles

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, consumers spend billions of dollars each year on anti-aging skincare. Consumer demand for the latest in anti-aging expands beyond topical treatments to encompass any technology that will deliver permanent results without going under the knife. One of the best-known anti-aging treatments, red light therapy, is proven to increase collagen production, reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture, minimize pore size and achieve long-term radiant skin. This treatment can be found in both dermatologist offices and devices for at-home use.
New York City-based, board-certified dermatologist, Judith Hellman, M.D., who specializes in dermatological surgery, laser surgery and anti-aging skin treatments, shares her insights into red light therapy, its uses and her experience with the technology and devices for at-home use.
How does red light therapy technology work?
Red light stimulates the proliferation of collagen producing cells (fibroblasts) in the skin and also increases the creation of collagen and elastic fibers, by penetrating up to one inch deep under the skin, without causing any thermal damage or downtime.
Why is it effective?
Red light essentially activates the body to make its own new, rejuvenated skin, without the need for aggressive intervention. The results include firmer, plumper skin, characteristic of what it would look like at a younger age.
Who should use red light therapy?
Red light is recommended for those who want to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and large pores and achieve smoother skin texture, while decreasing sagging skin that develops over time. It is a safe and painless treatment with no downtime. This treatment can be used by everyone with the small exception of patients who are light sensitive due to a medical condition like Lupus or because of medications they’re taking that can cause light sensitivity.
How do at-home devices differ from in-office treatments and how do patients benefit from each?
In-office technologies have been studied and used since the late 1980s. They cover large skin areas such as the chest or hands faster, due to their size. The excellent results observed over the years eventually led to the development of small size home devices, which put these treatments and their benefits at the reach of patients with ease. Home products are smaller, and take a bit longer to treat an area, but lead to similar results. The machines in the office are strictly light based, while at-home devices like the Silk’n FaceFX combine red light with deep heating for enhanced results. Patients can combine in-office treatments with the use of home devices to enhance the effects and maintain the improvements with the home tool over time. Needless to say, when used consistently, at-home treatments cost a fraction of the price of those performed in medical offices, making them more accessible to a larger group of people, and achieve a similar outcome.
What results have your patients experienced using red light therapy?
Patients have witnessed noticeable improvement in the areas around the eyes, the “smokers” lines around the lips and other fine lines. The lines get less deep, the skin gets smoother, the pores appear smaller and there is more elasticity, with less sagging. The overall effect is clearer, smoother and younger looking skin.