Sight of Relief

happy young woman looking in mirror

A staggering one in 12 adults endure the irritation caused by eczema—and in kids the condition is even more common, affecting one in five youngsters. Beyond being itchy and annoying, a new study shows that those stubborn red scales can be real confidence killers. PuraCap Pharmaceutical supported a recent survey and revealed that eczema has a negative emotional impact on both adults and children. October is Eczema Awareness Month, so here is a rundown of the not so pretty effects of chronic eczema:

  • Diminished Confidence – 60 percent of adults say their confidence is affected by having Eczema and more than 40 percent of sufferers report feeling more self-conscious due to the skin condition.
  • Less Beauty Sleep – Eczema itching disrupts the sleep of half of children and 4 in 10 adult sufferers.
  • Lower Quality of Life – More than 30 percent of respondents say quality of life could be improved if they could get symptoms under control.

The good news is that there expanding ways for eczema sufferers to get relief, but it’s not at the bottom of a bottle of over-the-counter moisturizer like you might expect. A lot of people tend to rely on moisturizers which provide temporary relief but do not get to the core of the problem. However, effective treatment of eczema involves repairing the barrier function of the skin. This is where you and your medical spa’s expertise come in as well. Treatments like FDA-approved EpiCeram Controlled Release Skin Barrier Emulsion can help restore health to skin. Additionally, two new drugs for the skin condition are expected to be approved and on the market next year and a handful of others are undergoing trials and on the horizon. Anacor Pharmaceuticals ointment and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals injectable are designed to block inflammatory proteins. Because of their design, these new launches are expected to have fewer side effects than steroids.