Slimming Solutions


It may sound too good to be true, but non-invasive treatments that incur no downtime are the real deal and banish inches of unwanted flab instantly for clients and are a boon for business. Marina Peredo, M.D., of Spatique Medical Spa (Smithtown, NY) knows the benefits firsthand. The Long Island medical spa offers two CoolSculpting systems so a patient can be treated in two different areas to reduce overall treatment time and see instant results all over. CoolSculpting is the first non-surgical FDA-approved body contouring treatment that sculpts the torso, targeting the abdomen, love handles, back, and bra fat for a leaner midsection. This effective cooling treatment uses a suction cup to permanently kill fat cells underneath the skin, resulting in a 20% reduction of fat. Here Peredo offers her insight on this cool slimming solution.


Why do you think non-invasive slimming treatments are such a focus for clients right now? Non-invasive slimming treatments are on the rise because there’s no downtime and they deliver real and quick results. When thinking about getting  a slimming treatment, going under the knife and having a long recovery time can often turn clients away so they turn to ones that are more appealing, which are non-invasive. They are usually left expensive as well.


How can offering this service be a benefit for medical spas? It is a widely recognized popular procedure, so it is a great draw to the practice.  Even though it is performed under physician supervision, our highly trained staff of medical estheticians does all of the consultations and the procedures, making it more attainable to the client.


Who is an ideal prospective client? The best clients should be at or close to their ideal weight and have areas of fat that have not responded to regular exercise and diet.


What are the most popular areas for slimming? The area we affectionately like to refer to as the "muffin tops" is widely popular.  A close second would be the "back fat or bra fat".


What are the advantages of CoolSculpting over other slimming treatments? The science behind Zeltiq's CoolSculpting speaks volumes for its efficacy.  The applicator draws in tissue and freezes fat cells, permanently eliminating them naturally through your system.


How long do the results last and what maintenance is required? Once the fat cells are eliminated from a particular area, it is permanent.  However, without proper diet and exercise, new fat cells can appear or residual fat in the area can grow larger.


Overall what is your end goal when it comes to CoolSculpting? CoolSculpting is targeted for fat loss and to improve contour.  It is not a weight loss program.  As a result of proper CoolSculpting treatments, your clothes will definitely fit better.