Stem the Tide

While the efficacy of stem cells, human and plant variations, is a reoccurring source for controversy; many companies are forging ahead with stem cells making up key active components of skincare products. One of those pioneering companies is NuGene, maker of clinically proven anti-aging skincare utilizing patent-pending stem cell technology. Here is what Fady Elias, M.D., director of professional business development for NuGene, had to say about the past, present, and future of human stem cells and what role they can play in your medical spa.


Can you explain the difference in skincare benefits between plant stem cells and human stem cells?

Plant based stem cells are not similar enough in the protein structure to human skin.  The key advantage of obtaining bioactive molecules from human stem cells is that they are most similar to what is native to human skin and therefore work that much better.


What are myths or misconceptions you would like to clear up about human stem cells?

The main misconception about human stem cells is that they are derived from fetuses or that someone was harmed in the process.  NuGene derives its stem cells from human adult fat from healthy donors.  No one is harmed during the process. 


What makes the NuGene formulas unique, and what role do human stem cells play?

NuGene's formulations are unique for many reasons.  We use a high concentration of bioactive molecules that are derived from the stem cell culture media.  The human adipose derived stem cell culture media is propriety to NuGene.  NuGene is also free of alcohol, aldehyde, parabenes, and is serum free. 


Why are human stem cells a valuable ingredient in skincare?

Human stem cells are valuable as a key ingredient in skincare because the active growth factors are very effective at reducing the signs of aging and restoring the natural luminosity of the skin. 


What are other applications of human stem cells in medical spas?

Regenerative science utilizing adipose derived human stem cells has many applications.  NuGene has a NuCell premium fusion that is used in conjunction with microdermabrasion.  The results have been industry changing and we anticipate that more medical spas will incorporate this into their product offering.  Additionally, the use of our NuGene universal serum during micro needling procedures is gaining significant popularity in medical spas because patients are seeing real results with less down time in comparison to other procedures.   


What uses do you predict in the future for human stem cells in skincare and in spas?

Adult human stem cells are the next revolution in skincare.  We believe that over the next several years the medical spa industry will see a significant shift toward products that work in a more natural way utilizing the technological breakthroughs in the area of adult human stem cells. NuGene is excited to be on the forefront of this skincare revolution!