Think Thick

Hair loss of any kind is a serious, life altering disorder. Those suffering from hair loss are vulnerable, and that’s why it’s a big responsibility for medical spas, dermatologists, and more to provide helpful resources and effective treatment options. We talked to Chaz Hatfield, president of NutraStim, which manufactures a new Laser Hair Comb to stimulate hair growth in men and women. He shared his insights on the latest treatment options for hair loss and what’s next for this expanding category.


1. Why are hair growth devices and procedures such a focus right now?

Hair loss affects nearly 60 million Americas. For many of us, our hair is closely linked to our identity, and once it starts to thin we will do almost anything we can to regrow it or at least halt the thinning. Unfortunately solutions are limited - the FDA has only approved three treatments for hair loss that are scientifically proven to regrow hair. These include Finasteride (commonly known as the brand Propeica), Minoxidil, and Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).  LLLT is the technology we utilize in our NutraStim Laser Hair Comb.


2. Can you explain how and why this device works?

For years, we looked at hair growth like a light switch: It’s either on or off. However, recent developments and clinical studies performed over the last few decades have taught us that hair follicles don’t just switch off — they gradually get weaker over time (also known as “miniaturizing”) until they stop growing altogether. LLLT helps by delivering oxygen to the follicles by increasing microcirculation to the scalp. Using the optimal configuration of cool, low level lasers, NutraStim Laser Hair Comb energizes those weaker or dormant follicles just below the surface to help them produce thicker, stronger and healthier hair.  NutraStim Laser Hair Comb has been FDA cleared for the treatment of androgenetic hair loss and is a safe and effective way to reclaim your hairline.


3. What makes NutraStim unique and stand out from the competition?

We have a number of principles that drive what we do at NutraStim.  All of our products are designed, assembled and quality controlled at our factory in Florida. We stand behind everything we produce, offering a 6-month return guarantee on the NutraStim laser hair comb if it does not work for you. We want a lasting relationship with our customers, offering them the most affordable 12 laser comb on the market, and are in the process of building an entire system of products around the laser to keep your hair as healthy as possible. 


4. Who is the ideal user, and why?

NutraStim laser comb is designed to treat pattern baldness (a.k.a. androgenetic alopecia) for men and women. 95 percent of hair loss is the androgenic type, so almost anyone experiencing hair thinning/loss is an ideal user. The comb works best and fastest for those who have mild to moderate hair loss - the earlier you can start to treat hair loss the better your results are going to be. As mentioned earlier, this is because hair follicles gradually weaken over time. If you begin treatment when these follicles have only begun to weaken slightly, but still have life in them, your results will be much greater.  Additionally, the ideal user is someone who will stick with their treatment and use the comb as designed – three times per week for eight-minute sessions. Being consistent with the routine will yield the results the customer is looking for. 


5.  What are the most common hair-loss concerns of patients? How do they differ between men and women?

Hair loss is equally concerning for men and women – but the main difference is that hair loss generally effects women at an older age.  Both men and women are looking for safe and effective solutions to treat hair loss - not empty promises. We speak to our male and female clients a bit differently, as they’re typically at different points in their life when they turn to our products. We’re having a broader conversation with women about the anti-aging element of our products, as that will be relevant to them more so than men.  


6. How do you recommend patients maintain the hair-health boost they achieve with the treatment?

The majority of hair loss is genetic (androgenetic alopecia), but there are other factors that can affect hair health – for example, studies have shown that stress, diet and exercise can affect your hair. Our laser will help regrow your hair, but we are also in the process of developing an entire ‘system’ of products to help make your hair as healthy as possible. We believe it is important to look at the issue of hair loss and hair health broadly and provide solutions for every type of hair and stage of hair loss.


7. What scientific studies back up the result claims?

Surprisingly, Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) didn’t originate for the purpose of energizing hair growth. It was developed and is still used by medical professionals to boost the regeneration of healthy cells for patients suffering from a variety of skin damage, such as burns or scars. From these initial uses, it was discovered that this gentle, natural form of therapy could also activate new hair growth on the scalp.  The American Journal of Clinical Dermatology published the largest study to date in 2014 on LLLT, indicating that using a laser hair device yielded a significant increase in hair density. We have also conducted extensive studies on the safety and efficacy of NutraStim to ensure we’re bringing the best possible product to the market.


8. What do you predict for the future of hair growth and hair-loss prevention in the future?

Our philosophy is to look holistically at issue of hair loss and hair thinning, focusing on ‘wellness' rather than treating a ‘condition’.  I believe consumers will look for brands and products that provide them with a compensative set of tools to take control of their hair, which is exactly our plan for NutraStim in the future.