Zo Skin Health Announces New Faculty

ZO Skin Health is pleased to welcome a distinguished group of internationally prized physicians to its world-class multidisciplinary ZO faculty. Comprised of the best in plastic surgery, dermatology and aesthetic medicine, the group of top physicians will serve as ambassadors for the ZO brand. “It has always been our goal to establish a group of well-respected physicians who believe in advancing skincare protocols to generate and maintain healthy skin,” says Obagi. “I’m proud to work with such an accomplished group of doctors who share in my vision and commitment to the science of skin health.”

To welcome the new faculty members, ZO Skin Health, Inc. will host a meeting February 22-23, 2014 at the Ritz Carlton (Laguna Niguel, CA). “We are excited to announce the latest additions to our expanding ZO faculty,” says Jim Headley, CEO and president of ZO Skin Health. “Working with an international panel of experts empowers us to broaden the ZO Skin Health brand reach, ultimately helping more patients through Dr. Obagi’s exceptional teachings.”


Faculty members include:

ZO UNITED STATES FACULTY                                                                             

  • Frank Barone, MD                                                          
  • Cheryl M. Burgess, MD                                    
  • Michael B. Calobrace, MD                                           
  • Aaron M. Capuano, MD                                              
  • Frederick Coville, MD                                   
  • Barry DiBernardo, MD                                              
  • Deborah Englert, MD                                   
  • Dean P. Kane, MD                                                         
  • Monika Kiripolsky, MD                                     
  • Aaron M Kosins, MD                                                     
  • Sabrina Lahiri, MD                                                              
  • Z. Paul Lorenc, MD                                                         
  • Rick Rosen, MD                                                            
  • Peter P. Rullan, MD                                      
  • Michael Stevens, MD                                                    
  • Anne T. Stubbs, MD                                                              
  • Kristin J. Tarbet, MD                                                
  • Lee Thornton, MD                                                    
  • Anthony Youn, MD                                       


ZO INTERNATIONAL FACULTY                                                                                                        

  • Vicki Belo, MD                                                       
  • Jonquille Chantrey, MD                                    
  • Nitin Chauhan, MD                                                                        
  • Rachael Eckel, MD                                                       
  • Sam Van Eeden, MD                                                                  
  • Francis Jang, MD                                                                          
  • Catharina Meijer, MD                                      
  • Fabrizio Melfa, MD