MINDBODY Introduces Suite of Wellness-Booking Technologies

New Touch Massage was the first spa to enable its customers to book and pay for spa appointments 24/7 with MINDBODY's business management software. As pioneer of online scheduling software for yoga, fitness, spas, salons and other wellness industries, MINDBODY is expanding this scheduling functionality into a wide array of new technologies that will give consumers unprecedented access to bookable classes and appointments.

MINDBODY Finder is a Web interface that enables health conscious consumers to find and book wellness-oriented classes and appointments worldwide, 24-hours a day, eliminating the phone tag often associated with traditional appointments. 'We've leveraged the wealth of services that our 8,500 clients have available and made it accessible to consumers at large,' said Rick Stollmeyer, founder and CEO of MINDBODY. Finder is populated with hundreds of thousands of health and wellness-oriented services offered by both MINDBODY business clients as well as non-clients who have taken advantage of MINDBODY's free business listing service. 'The end result is one of the most comprehensive real-time databases of wellness services in the world,' said Stollmeyer.

Unlike a traditional search engine that lists URLs for individuals businesses, MINDBODY Finder displays a broad array of available classes and appointments as defined by the user (e.g., location, time of day, service type). 'Instead of wondering if I can squeeze in a massage over my lunch hour or whether I'll be able to find a yoga studio on my next business trip, I can find and book appointments at times that are convenient for me,' said Jill Wolfe, Finder project manager.

The data available through Finder is accessible to consumers via the MINDBODY Finder website at http://www.mindbodyfinder.com, free iPhone mobile apps available through iTunes.com, and Finder Partner web sites.

Finder Partners

'We wanted to give consumers choices, so rather than directing them to just one website to book services, we're partnering with several industry leaders to host Finder on their websites and mobile applications,' said Stollmeyer. Yogoer, Teach Street and RoamingQ are among the organizations that have already committed to becoming Finder Partners.

Mobile Applications

MINDBODY's mobile applications include MINDBODY Biz Mode, a free app that lets business owners access their business data from their iPhone, and MINDBODY yoga, an app that lets consumers find and book yoga classes anywhere in the world. Within the month, MINDBODY will release MINDBODY Fitness and MINDBODY Pilates apps, for consumers seeking fitness and Pilates classes. Similar applications are in development for Android and will be available later this year.

Wellness Businesses Invited to Participate in Finder

The database of services accessible through Finder is not limited to business customers who use MINDBODY software. 'All salons, spas, gyms, dance studios and other wellness-oriented providers are invited to participate in our free business listing program,' said Stollmeyer. 'It's a win-win because not only does it provide consumers with more options, it gives businesses a new revenue stream by allowing customers to instantly find, schedule and pay for their services through Finder Partners websites. The model works by providing Finder Partners a small percentage of each transaction booked in exchange for the consumers they bring to the spa or fitness business's door.'

for more information, visit www.mindbodyonline.com