Mood-litesMood-lites, coined 'Light Bulbs for Your LifestyleTM,' represent a new category of lighting in the $2.5 billion dollar U.S. lighting marketplace. "I think what people really crave is illumination that enhances their environment — that allows them to apply lighting in an artistic, decorative, or spiritual sense as opposed to just as a novelty or for practical applications,' says Kathryn Goetzke White, the creator of Mood-lites.

Prior to founding her own company, White guided Fortune 100 companies like The Gillette Company, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, General Mills, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Compass Marketing. "The market potential for Mood-lites is extraordinary," says White. "We've had interest from decorators, spas, massage therapists, restaurants, chiropractors, home furnishing stores, health centers, and color therapists.'

"We are just beginning to understand the subtleties of the influence of color on our moods and emotion," said White, "And how we can use this influence to set a positive tone for our life. Color defines our world and gives definition to the objects around us. The human reaction to color is based on nature's symbolism."

The launch of Mood-lites includes seven moods and colors, including RenewalTM (jade), TranquilityTM (sapphire), SerenityTM (turquoise), PassionTM (crimson), CreativityTM (purple), HappyTM (yellow) and EnergyTM (orange). Mood-lites are the only colored bulbs currently on the market with a coating that creates a special 'glow. They are available in transparent, recyclable packaging at a retail price of $5.95, and are ideal for spa environments retail sale in the spa boutique.

Part of the proceeds of this product line goes to iFred (the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression), an organization developed to reduce the stigma associated with the illness so that people will seek treatment. This treatable condition that affects an estimated 40 million people a year (more than heart disease, cancer, and AIDS combined)* suffers from lack of funding. And sadly, depression is the leading cause of suicide — and there are 1.5 times as many suicides as homicides*. Corporations lose over 57 billion dollars a year in productivity*. To learn more about depression, help fight this serious problem, donate funds or volunteer, visit *(US Center of Disease Control, 2002).

Mood-lites is available to order by calling 1-866-353-MOOD or by visiting For More Information, Contact: Nancy Tamosaitis, Vorticom, 212-888-6219, [email protected]