Must-see SpaTrade Webinar "Transform Your Business with Breakthroughs in Cosmetic Medicine"

Yesterday I got a sneak peek at the slides for Osmosis Skincare’s webinar “Transform Your Business with Breakthroughs in Cosmetic Medicine” next Tuesday April 26 at 10:00am Pacific. This webinar is a must-see for spa owners and managers, estheticians and medical professionals interested in results-oriented skin care. Ben Johnson, MD,  Founder/Formulator of Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare and Cosmedix Skincare, will share his research on breakthrough technologies to improve chronic skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation as well as slow the aging process.

 I’ve been a big fan of Dr. Ben Johnson for many years, having seen him speak at the IECSC show.  Dr. Johnson is a pioneer in skin care—his products are developed with a respect to nature and protecting the skin’s barrier, yet are extremely results-oriented.  According to Dr. Johnson, over-exfoliation from harsh products is breaking down the skin’s barrier and causing inflammation. In a nutshell, many “anti-aging” products are actually speeding up the aging process!  “What we have been doing isn’t working the way we wanted it to,” says Dr. Johnson.

The most effective way to keep hard-earned customers and to win new ones is to get amazing results. The core concept of Osmosis Skincare is that skin care should not interfere with  the skin’s normal function, but rather assist it. The company promotes “Natural Exfoliation™” which means that instead of removing the protective epidermal barrier, the skin is fed and stimulated to increase cell renewal without damaging the epidermis.

Dr. Johnson will discuss the use of Adult Human Stem cells, advanced liposome technology and DNA repair technology. “The goal is to boost immune function by increasing the amount of scar tissue removal and encouraging the recruitment of more immune cells and their related growth factors.” These breakthroughs can help spas and medical practices achieve long-term change in their clients’ skin.

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