Myotonology LogoAs our aging population seeks products for enhancing youthful appearance and vitality, physicians strive to find the safest and most effective products to assist their patients. The public, as well as the physician, is often inundated with the latest "high tech" approach to facial rejuvenation. For those of us who wish to prescribe technologies for enhanced youthful appearance, the proof for microcurrent stimulation is unquestionable.

Utilizing the Myotonology® Facial Rejuvenation system, one can insure that a scientifically documented, patented system provides reproducible benefits for their patients.
The use of microcurrent stimulation has been practiced for hundreds of years, and is finding new uses in the medical field for everything from migraine to urinary incontinence. When one uses high frequency microcurrent stimulation, one can fatigue and therefore relax certain muscles of the face. As well, with low frequency microcurrent stimulation one can tone specific muscles of the face. After extensive research and clinical application, the Myotonology® system provides patented technology and a meticulously reproducible technique unrivaled by any competing units.

One of the great strengths of this system is that an esthetician can be skillfully trained and with a superior
instructor's manual, we know that the estheticians can all gain similar expertise and results with its use. Recently, a small observational five-person clinical cohort trial was completed to assess the efficacy of the Myotonology® Facial Rejuvenation System. The clinical setting was in a small town integrative medical practice. A wellness evaluation was filled out prior to, and after completion, of the Myotonology® sessions for assessment of medical history
and psychological well-being as well. Simply put, volunteers from the physician's medical practice were solicited to become part of the trial and photographic
documentation of the results was obtained before, during and after completion of the trial.

Utilizing the standardized assessment, total number of treatments was based upon the patient's skin type and severity of age-related changes. The participants ranged in age from their 30's to their 60's. The results of this trial and the photos are available at under the "Physician and Skin Care Professional" section. To summarize the findings, each patient showed documentable improvements in a variety of skin conditions. One 60 year old woman with Type II diabetes, requiring insulin for glucose control and who also underwent rotator cuff surgery during the course of the trial, had some of the most remarkable benefits (despite her obvious medical challenges).

She received a total of 23 treatments over a 12 week period and had a dramatic reduction in crow's feet, periorbital edema, nasolabial folds, a reduction in capillary folds, as well as a dramatic improvement in her skin tone.. Another 48 year old woman who had unsuccessfully attempted wrinkle reduction with microdermabrasion and chemical peels in the past, received 12 treatments over an 6 week period also with a dramatic reduction in crow's feet and nasolabial folds. All of the remaining clients had similar dramatic
reductions in the facial signs of aging including a reduction in wrinkles in the forehead and sun damage to the skin.

Almost as importantly, each client found the sessions relaxing, enjoyable, and in no way negatively affected their day to day working lives. As a matter of fact, our questionnaire documented significant improvements in stress-reduction, self-esteem and sexuality among this group.

The many strengths of the Myotonology® Facial Rejuvenation System include the following:

1. Superb technology — the U.S. made unit performed flawlessly and delivers exactly the microcurrency and frequency it is claimed to deliver.

2. Patented, meticulously reproducible technique — obviously our estheticians must know the facial muscular anatomy and exactly what current at what frequency and
how to apply the strokes to get the desired results. This procedure is carefully thought out, clinically tested and absolutely successful.

3. Clinically tested — the results of the trial are available with photographic documentation utilizing unretouched photos.

4. The clients who participated in this trial were skeptical, generally unhealthy and
rarely, if ever, did any routine quality skin care. To say that these participants represent a cross-section of people least likely to respond would be an understatement. Despite all of this, the clinical trial was a glorious success. Each
participant continues to get monthly treatments to maintain the benefits; some are currently at one year after completion of the trial.

5. Wellness Assessment — so many techniques for facial rejuvenation are not only upsetting to clients/patients, but require prolonged recovery time. In this study, the
feedback from the participants was uniformly positive and short term benefits in psychological health occurred as the participants actually enjoyed each session.

6. A safe and effective non-surgical alternative can be offered to our clients/patients. No one feels that this system will replace plastic surgery, but for those clients seeking help for even significant signs of facial aging, an alternative can be offered to surgery
which the physician can rely on.

In conclusion, Myotonology® Facial Rejuvenation System utilizes microcurrent stimulation in either high frequency for relaxation or low frequency for strengthening and
toning of specific facial muscles. Dramatic benefits can be seen within a few sessions, while an easily trained esthetician provides a reproducible, clinically documented,
relaxing treatment. Clinical benefits can be maintained through monthly "facial" treatments incorporating the patented system, which the clients/patients also enjoy. The
Myotonology® Facial Rejuvenation System provides the physician with a safe, effective and painless tool for reducing the signs of aging.

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