New Report from Feedback Research Services Analyzes the $1.7 Billion ''Medical Retail'' Market

In recent years, cosmetic surgery and dermatology practices have quietly and steadily established a "medical retail" market in which skin care and other products are directly sold to patients. Physicians have followed the example set by medical spas, salons, and other spas to expand traditional dispensing options (prescription medications) with 'professional' products, in-house/physician formulas, and private label brands.

Between 2005 and 2007, several companies independently published market reports that focus on skin care product revenues generated by medical offices and spas. Market estimates ranged from $870.0 million for U.S. sales in 2006 (Kline & Company) to $1.8 billion worldwide in 2005 (Spectra Intelligence).

Feedback Research Services' "Medical Retail Markets" report estimates that 2006 revenues were significantly higher using detailed survey-based information about the types of skin care products sold in cosmetic/plastic surgery, dermatology, and other medical offices. Revenues and growth rates are compared and contrasted for the medical and spa market segments.

Interview and survey research was conducted from August 2006 through January 2007. "Medical Retail Markets" covers:

Data and findings from 700+ cosmetic/plastic surgery, dermatology, and medical practices throughout the United States

Leading professional skin care brands, lines, and product categories

Skin care sales for medical and spa market segments (annual revenues, growth rates, and forecasts)

Spas are included in a bottom-up analysis of the total U.S. medical/spa retail market, which accounted for nearly $1.7 billion in 2006.

Industry participants who reviewed advanced copies were impressed by the scope and volume of data. In the words of one reviewer: "Overall, I'd say that your report is the BEST and most complete that I have seen in our industry."

The 167-page report was published in mid-February 2007 and is available in electronic format for $495.00. Visit for additional information about the report.