New Research Highlights Global Skin Care Trends

Facial New research presented by Mintel, a leading supplier of competitive media, product and consumer intelligence, outlines global trends in skin care, body care, and hair care.

According to Mintel's analysis in the Facial Care subcategory, the most significant trends were:

- UV protection ranges
- The use of botanical and herbal ingredients
- The increase in number of anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle products.
- Whitening products were also important but mainly in Asian countries.
- Products targeted at men continued to grow in popularity globally.
- Products with anti-bacterial or aromatherapeutic properties were launched in the sub-category. A number of introductions for salon-style treatments in the home were also seen.

According to Mintel's analysis in the Body Care Sub-category, innovation was less observed in this period, with most companies strengthening their existing trends. This period however saw an increase in products using botanical ingredients, vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals. Other trends include:

- Products fortified with botanical/herbal ingredients increased to be the most popular along with all natural, organic and preservative-free products.
- Products formulated without animal testing
- An increasing number of products that claim to be hypoallergenic, pH neutral, fragrance-free
- Product ranges offering additional benefits, such as firming, toning, anti-cellulite, anti-ageing and tanning also remained popular with consumers.
- Ingredients such as olive oil, co-enzyme Q10 and Omega acids showed an increase. Introductions were observed keeping in mind the hygeine and skin-sensitivity of the consumers.
- Packaging in this period showed slow innovation thus concentrating on practicality over aesthetics.

Trends in the Hair Treatments & Colorants Sub-category include:

- An increase in products fortified with botanical/herbal extracts, minerals and vitamins was observed.
- A number of products for hair growth and stimulation for both men and women were launched, including the launch of a women's alternative of Regaine (a men's product).
- The launch of a range of hair treatments that claim to have anti-ageing effect seemed popular
Products that boosted UV protection for hair were also seen.

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