New Spa Star Debuts in California

Estrella Spa at the Avalon Hotel Palm Springs

Estrella Spa at the Avalon Hotel Palm SpringsGuests looking to pamper themselves the natural way can visit Estrella Spa at the Avalon Hotel Palm Springs (CA). The newly opened spa, taking its name from the Spanish word for star, uses only handmade medicinal herb-infused oils and products made from pure, natural ingredients that help make the menu shine. American Medicinal Arts, a collective of skilled holistic healers, herbalists, designers, entrepreneurs, and cultural programmers, created a collection of unique treatments and custom private-label products stemming from the time-honored traditions of global herbal medicine. The treatments are designed to allow the body to work with the earth, using natural methods for guests to discover inner peace. One way to do so is through the spa’s Moon Magic Treatments ($220, 1 hour 45 minutes), which help align guests’ beauty regimes to the phases of the moon. During the waxing moon, charcoal and sage are used in a full-body exfoliation with a focus on digestive and immune system support. During the waning moon, jojoba oil, shea butter, and sugar exfoliate with the focus on systemic support. It’s a great way to start a down-to-earth beauty regime.