New Study Reveals British Vacationers Choosing Healthy Holidays

According to a new study by global research firm Mintel, an increasing number of British vacationers are choosing breaks that focus on health and wellbeing.

The study reveals that Brits spent an estimated £135 million on healthy holidays involving spas, yoga, holistic healing and surgical recuperation last year, with 205,000 such breaks taken in total.

One-third of Britons have tried a holiday involving spas, saunas or jacuzzis, according to Mintel, with a quarter plumping for a relaxing massage while away from the daily grind of work.

In addition, medical tourism is also on the rise, with £25 million being spent on hospital treatment abroad.

'It seems many British tourists are developing a taste for a holiday with a difference,' commented Mintel analyst Richard Cope.

'Tired of the fly and flop package deals, they are opting for spa holidays, holistic breaks or in some cases a medical break for a session of cosmetic surgery or dentistry.'

Spas are increasingly offering a wider range of services, with some facilities providing weight management counselling, hairdressing services and meditation sessions.