2013: Color Us Blue

According to American Spa’s recent Industry Insider survey, 29 percent of spas are planning a renovation this year. I would guess those renovations will include updates on walls and accents, so I wanted to share a color trend report that calls 2013 the year of blue. “As a color, blue represents stability and comfort,” says national color expert Kate Smith, chief color maven and owner of Sensational Color. “Global and environmental issues regarding water, clear skies, and even the political atmosphere are driving factors in the ‘blue movement.’ Just as macaroni and cheese is considered a ‘comfort food,’ we’re finding that people gravitate to blue as a ‘comfort color’ for their lives and homes.”

From navy to aqua to teal, shades of blue are viewed as clean and relaxing. In 2013 Smith believes all hues of blue—from deep dependable blues to watery, tropical blues—will reign. Close in the color spectrum to green, blue is seen as a connection with the world. “Over the years we’ve seen the growth of green as it connects to the earth,” says Smith. “There have been movements to ‘Go Green’ with recycling and renewal. Now blue is nudging green to the side a bit with a freshness and message of connection to people—not just the planet itself.”

Will you be updating your spa’s colors in 2013? How do you feel about the blue trend?