Anne Bramham gets on her soapbox: first pet peeve, spa ratings

Not being tech savvy I have avoided all this internet activity this far. But it was in speaking with my old friend Nancy Griffin that it hit home: I can really say what I like.  Nancy said, "It’s about having opinions and we all know how opinionated you are,  Anne".   Ok, so it’s not a compliment but the opinions I express are for the good of humanity (I’m sure) and in the best interest of the industry that I am passionate about.

 So here we go.  One of my major peeves is spa ratings.  Yes, I can proudly state that two of the spas I have worked with in the last few years have achieved five star status. Then, I read the menus of other spas who have also reached this high status and I am deflated, because from their descriptions of treatments I cannot help but wonder about the logic behind them.  In terms of therapeutic value does it always equate?  Are they technically sound with the physiological responses of the body?  Too often not so!  Yet because spa ratings are all about service, temperature, concern for comfort they are touted as great.

My question is how do you ask a client if the temperature is alright as you lie them on an ice cold sheet and they are gulping air so as not to let out a piercing scream? Or when you take the nice warm shower they are experiencing and turn into an arctic blast, is that temperature comfortable, is the music suitable to cover their muttered curses?

Your comments please...

Next Pet Peeve:  Deep Tissue Massage! I love my soapbox!