Are Nutraceuticals the Next Generation for Weight Loss Support?

Amidst the controversy with pharmaceutical weight loss drugs, are nutraceuticals the next generation for healthy long term weight management?  The most recent push to ban from market are the weight loss drugs, Xenical and Ali. A consumer advocacy group is urging the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to immediately remove these drugs due to serious health concerns. Both of these drugs contain orlistat, the ingredient questioned within the adverse reaction files reported with the FDA. 

Nutraceuticals may be the next runner in taking over the weight loss market. As many spa’s offer weight management programs (with diet and supplementation,) we may see an increase in consumer interest for spa wellness and weight loss programs. How these programs are developed and marketed will be the key driver in building a viable program. It is important to choose nutraceuticals that are backed with strong clinical evidence, regulatory approval and promote realistic health claims. Most reputable companies will also acknowledge additional lifestyle modifications, such as diet and physical activity as an integral part of their program.  As wellness and weight loss programs become increasingly interweaved within the spa experience (and the controversy surrounding pharmaceutical weight loss products increases,) nutraceuticals may soon be a highly visible and profitable sector within the spa.

Yours in Health & Beauty,

Paula Simpson