Are you simply selling summer services or an interactive shopping experience too?


It’s not just about the pretty mani and pedi, the deep cleansing facial and the body scrub with kakui nut oil. While I love all of these and so do your clients, it is also about educating and engaging the client.

Do you give out healthy beauty secrets?

We do and our clients love it. Like in the summer and on vacation aloe vera or cool milk on a cotton pad or washcloth does wonders for sunburned skin.

Share your recipes…for a cool and delicious smoothie.

Cool watermelon slices pureed with Greek vanilla yogurt in a blender. Oh, My Goodness it is so mouth watering with fruity goodness.

We at my sweet beauty retreat love to do this. Women and MEN too love recipes. More men are cooking and whipping up some goodies in the kitchen.

I just came back from working and playing in NYC and was on a buying trip. All the stores in Manhattan are filled with beautiful ideas and summer fun. Next time you visit your local chic department stores or Target, discover what is there for you. Soak it all in. Take notes!

Not only are we offering summer services but also I came back with pashmina shawls, tropical colored fashion accessories and pretty makeup kits!  Nail colors in oceanic shades, the ever-popular pink and corals the color of the 2011 summer season.

We also ordered some delightful moisturizing soap from Tahiti and Hawaii. We surround the client with a mix of merchandise and faux flowers, real plants and other sunshine décor putting her or him in a summer fun mood.

We are featuring an E-drawing for all who register. No purchase necessary we filled a summer tote with fashionable skin soothing and fragrant delights. One lucky winner will win this delight at the end of next week.

We surround the client with a mix of merchandise and faux flowers, real plants and sunshine filled décor putting her or him in a summer fun mood.

While they shop or before or after their service we are serving refreshing ice cream coke floats and or pink lemonade. It makes our clients happy with an unexpected surprise and is a nice touch too! The weather is so HOT all over the nation…your clients will love it too!

Who doesn’t like a COOL off drink with an umbrella?

Dive into some new ideas this summer. It’s not over yet.

Make your spa the fun, informative and healthy experience it can and should be!


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