Aveda Calls for Decisive Action on Climate Change

Aveda and Audubon have partnered as advocates for environmental responsibility and fighting climate change. The two eco-conscious organizations are encouraging supporters to join them due to the recent agreement decided at the COP21 conference in Paris to keep global warming below 2 degrees. “Our relationship with Audubon spans many years,” says Dave Rapaport, Aveda vice president for earth & community care. “We share a common passion for habitat protection. Together we are providing our supporters and partners with a chance to take a stand on climate change and help play their role in creating a safe environment for birds as they are some of the leading characters in telling the story of our relationship to the natural world.”

Supporters are asked to sign a simple online petition:

  • A commitment to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The promotion of clean energy and energy conservation.
  • The protection of our forests, grasslands, and diverse ecosystems.
  • The protection of our oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams.

“Protecting birds and the places they need from global warming will require powerful partnerships and unique collaboration,” says Matthew Anderson, vice president of climate for Audobon. “In Aveda—because of its inspiring mission, its extraordinary network of salon owners and artists, and its passionate guests throughout the world—Audubon has found a powerful partner.”

Sign Aveda’s petition at www.aveda.com/onevoiceoneworld