Beautiful Bouquet

Beauty trends come in all shapes and sizes. However, the latest craze may overpower brides on their wedding days. That's why we checked in with beauty experts to see what trends they like for brides (and grooms) and how to make them look their absolute best. Here's what Amanda Gabbard, lead beauty expert and makeup specialist at the Guerlain Spa in the Towers of the Waldorf Astoria New York, had to say.
What 2015 beauty trends are best suited for brides?
AG: There seems to be a ‘battle of the bridal looks’ coming in 2015! This looks like the year of the demure bride and the bold rocker bride!
On one hand, you have the ethereal princess look with long solid white stream lined gowns with beaded sheer accents and no frill, accompanied by beautiful head pieces and romantic old-fashioned veils that cover the face paired with simple makeup. The main attraction with this makeup is a 'just bitten' lip color that is somewhere in between a red and a pink. No gloss, just matte. The skin is pale and dewy—no bronzer in sight. The eyes are not dramatic with thick liner and layers of shadow. Instead, they are more subtle and soft. Think: smudged eyeliner and natural lashes.
On the other hand we are seeing origami hair accessories and slicked-back, tight updo's paired with modern dresses and makeup with the deepest, darkest lip shades that look almost black. There is no smokey eye fade or tasteful dimension in this forecast—the focus is solid colors of metallic, shiny thick swipes under the eye and also vibrant pastels (lavender) and jewel tones (fuchsia) with no boundaries. The sky is the limit.
What beauty products are your go-to’s for brides on wedding day?
AG: Bridal makeup is different than any other application. It must withstand hours of photographs—no matter what the weather may be—and hold up against tears of joy as well as the perspiration from dancing all night.
Her skin MUST be prepped with a specific primer to adhere the makeup for several hours. Apply a light serum first, then add an eye cream and moisturizing day dream without SPF. (My pick: Guerlain’s Abeille Royale Eye Cream/Super Aqua Day Cream) Next, coat the face, neck, and chest with primer and wait for it to dry.
Foundation must be durable and provide extreme coverage to last into the wee hours of the night. (My pick: Tenue de Perfection). Avoid foundation with built-in shine. Follow up with a heavier powder to prevent shine that will also act as hairspray to hold the makeup from day to night.
Even if the bride desires a more 'natural' look, it will still appear to be more than she is used to. Once the bride sees how the makeup photographs and stands against the flash of cameras—preventing her from looking 'washed out’—she will be very pleased.
What products should brides keep handy throughout the day?
AG: Heavier powder than normal is needed for a wedding day, and my pick is Lingerie De Peau Powder/Foundation). It feels light on the skin, but has double the staying power of a regular powder. And waterproof mascara is a must! Guerlain's Maxi Lash mascara in Noir (Black) gives lashes extra volume and length yet won't crumble and clump. Lip primer and lip liner acts as an anchor to hold down lipstick throughout hours of eating, talking, and drinking. (Guerlain's Kiss Kiss Liplift is a personal favorite.)
A highlighting pen is the magic touch that creates an 'extra special' face. After all the makeup is applied, highlight the upper cheekbones, the center of the nose, under the eye, and add a swipe under and over the brow to showcase the bride's flawless features! (My pick: Precious Lights Highlighting Pen).
Before I send my bride on her merry way, I ask the maid of honor to keep the bride’s lipstick, lip gloss, pressed powder, and concealer in her purse at all times to touch up the bride after the ceremony, before photos, and after dinner! My final touch is to give one of the bridesmaids a little Ziploc with Kleenex, breath mints, Advil and Band-Aids to put in her purse. You never know what could happen!
What looks never go out of style for brides?
AG: The classic romantic look will never get old. A glamorous pop of wine or rose-colored lipstick, perfectly shaped brows, liquid liner paired with a champagne/nude shadow and a rosy blush on the cheek is always a great choice. I always like to add a few individual lashes on the very end of the lashes after applying a few coats of mascara to add a bit of extra drama.
Any products or tips for the groom to look his best?

AG: My heart goes out to the grooms who can't perfect their skin like the brides do! I encourage them to use an exfoliator twice a week in the shower a month or two before the wedding. It’s also important to moisturize, stay hydrated, and get some sleep. Cutting back on booze for a few weeks before will also help them look svelte and dapper on their big day. I find that more and more men don’t have a problem when I offer to conceal a bit of darkness under the eye or cover an unwanted blemish. I always insist on powdering the groom. They get shiny too! If anything, this helps the photographer cut down on their time to photoshop and airbrush in post-production.