Behind the Scenes Tips

One of the highlights of Fashion Week that keeps me excited year after year is the creativity. In the tents at Lincoln Center or in studios throughout the city, it’s palpable. Creativity comes in the form of hair designs, makeup colors, and more than ever, fantastic nails. I chatted with Gina Edwards, a nail pro who collaborated with Morgan Taylor to create tips worth talking about for a host of shows in New York City, about her custom-blended green hue at Clover Canyon. Here are her suggestions for making a shade all your own:

  1. Start with a clean empty lacquer bottle. An old base or top coat bottle that's cleaned with polish remover works well.
  2. Trial and error. Even pros like Edwards add a little of this and a little of that until it's just right.
  3. Measure (and keep track). She uses the letters and lines on the bottle to know exactly how much of each color is in the mix.
  4. Follow the final 'recipe' to make enough bottles to paint the fingers and toes of models in her case, or clients in yours.

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