Benefits of Organization

benefits of organization

organized deskDo you ignore piles of paperwork and general messiness on your desk or around your office like I do sometimes? If so, take note of a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management that found several positive benefits for people who work in an organized environment. In their experiments, participants tended to make more healthy choices, show more generosity, and opt for conventional or traditional ideas after spending time in an orderly space. If you or clients are trying to stick to a healthy diet or exercise routine, working in a well-organized office will help.

But it’s not all bad for pack rats either. The researchers also discovered that participants who worked in a disorderly room were more creative and open to new ideas. Messy offices seem to encourage originality and a search for novelty. These novel findings surprised even the researchers, as most previous research indicated chaos simply leads to more chaos. I will admit that more often than not, there are a few extra piles of papers and post-it notes scattered about my desk. I’m hoping that slight mess is contributing to new ideas, and not derailing my fitness plans.

How does your workplace set you up for success?