Bullet Proof Makeup


I admit I like to shop. I shop in stores, love small boutiques, online and catalogs. As a perceptive and smart beauty business owner, I sometimes watch the shopping channels to see what my clients might be buying and to see what they have to offer. I have purchased from the shopping channels a variety of cooking, fashion and décor treats.

Tonight I am watching a makeup show on one of the channels it is jam-packed with products. The HOST “ aka sales associate knows just what to say and at the right time. She is gorgeous! The guest is a makeup artist who is very attractive to me as well. She is happy to sell all the things she has to offer.

I am learning a couple of beauty tricks even though I am a PRO. I know I can always learn something new anywhere and any day. I love to learn. 

However, the words coming out of the guest’s mouth and the gestures amaze me. Now, I love to sell makeup, skin care and more. However, I draw the line when it comes to the following. 

The makeup artist jumps up and down every time she sells something. She also claps and says YAY everytime someone buys something. She also says “ I LOVE YOU to everyone she talks to on air who buys from her.

She addresses the callers by their name as well as calls them “MAMA, Mommy, Baby Girl, Guys, That’s it Mommy, You got it mommy and MS. THING”.

Then the icing on the cake…

“You need this pencil because you do not want to have eye boogers”.

She also says the following over and over: “My makeup is Bullet Proof!”

What’s this all about? Where does she think her customers live? It is a term I cannot ignore. It is rude and crude. Or am I wrong.

Do we need to use the word BULLET PROOF when selling makeup? Do we need bulletproof makeup too!? REALLY?

While I love to sell/professionally recommend to my clients and am far reserved and tight I just do not understand. My clients would think I am nuts and unprofessional.

Tell me your thoughts share with me. I would love to hear from you.