Bump in the Road...

I told you all I would be honest and so I am sharing with you what my Groupon is doing now. Still have met the nicest ladies almost all in their 30's. They are little couponistas, fashionistas and savvy. They want to have the service and spend too!

My only kink is three called with cancellations on Saturday. I was so looking forward to this party of three. We called and confirmed the day before they called and left a message on our voice mail that night and said "Yes, they too are looking forward to it." Unfortunatley, the other two did not want to come without the third one....so we LOST income for 1/2 day. It was tough.

Although we have a wait list in case someone cancels,most of the time you really can't get people to come on such short notice. Depending on where they live is a factor too! We tried.

The deal offered has terms that are spelled out on their voucher.

24 hour cancellation notice or Groupon is forfeited

Subject to availability.Not valid with other offers.

When they called to cancel they said they'd like to rebook.  Not really giving thought to the voucher. They left a mesage on our voice mail.

So that is where we stand from Saturday. Its a delicate professional situation. We do want new blood and business and understand things do happen BUT...

By the way, the reason I may sound so disappointed is in all my years of business this has only happened a handful of times. Like hardly ever bounced bad checks and charges for us. We are lucky.  

YOUR advice and take on this my fellow professionals?

I hope you've had a chance to read my spotlight. I so enjoyed the interview and sharing my beauty filled life with you!


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