Burke Williams Day Spa Partners with Body Bliss

Body Bliss built-in aromatherapy bar

Nicholas James, CEO of Body Bliss, recently announced a partnership with Burke Williams Day Spa (multiple locations in California). With 10 spas along the coast of California, Burke Williams’ has been a leading innovator in the day spa industry since the opening of its flagship Santa Monica location in 1984. The 30-year old urban day spa chain has now implemented a personalized aromatherapy program in its new Topanga location using the Body Bliss Intentional Aromatherapy App. “We are honored to be collaborating with Burke Williams to make customized aromatherapy a star in their new properties,” says James. “Body Bliss and Burke Williams share a commitment to creating a personalized guest experience, protecting the wellbeing of therapists and providing advanced education. The staff appreciate that our products contain pure essential oils and base ingredients with no harmful ingredients. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

The entrance to the Topanga spa lobby currently offers a large built-in aromatherapy bar featuring iPads loaded with the Intentional Aromatherapy App. Highly trained alchemists are also available in the lobby at all times and will help supplement the app’s detailed descriptions, providing recommendations based on guest feedback. These expert therapists are also undergoing education and training internally and with Body Bliss. Also, at the Topanga location, Body Bliss products from the International Aromatherapy line are featured in The Garden Room where guests are treated to 15 to 20 minute enhancement services, including foot and leg, scalp and neck, hand and arm, and anti-aging treatments. “Burke Williams’s number one goal is to enable our guests to engage in a unique and personalized experience,” says Diane Hibbard, vice president of treatments and development of Burke Williams Day Spa. “We had been discussing the addition of a program to provide a higher level of personalization for years; so we were excited to find Body Bliss. The Intentional Aromatherapy App provides a turnkey solution to create a 100 percent tailored program. We didn’t have to overthink it.”