Calming Tips from a Meditation Pro

meditation tips

meditation tipsSpas and wellness-focused businesses recognized Global Wellness Day more creatively than ever. Guests went on yoga walks, adopted puppies, recycled, and much more all in the name of wellness. Another common offering on GWD that’s also growing in popularity year-round is meditation. That’s why I chatted with Shivangi Van Gogh, a consciousness consultant and founder of The Green Ashram, to get an idea of her view and how meditation fits into GWD. Van Gogh also taught silent mantra meditation to guests participating in M-OhMents of Wellness at Mandarin Oriental, New York over the weekend.

What does Global Wellness Day mean to you?

Dedicating a single day to wellness aligns the collective consciousness towards a perfect state of health and well-being. Global Wellness Day is a great way to bring more awareness to those areas of our lives that may be “out of balance” or a little stressed – and also to integrate a more sustainable way of living. When there is attention placed on overall wellness in a global way, it creates expanded awareness for nature's intention for a perfect state of health.


What are your suggestions for people new to meditation? What's the best way to start? 

For those who are new to meditation, I suggest seeking out a qualified teacher that is inspiring to you. There are many different kinds of meditation, and some practices are designed for those that operate from an emotional place while others are tailored to a more intellectual perspective. Once you have found a teacher that inspires you, commit to a single practice for at least six months, practice it consistently and see how your well-being improves. If you are unable to learn meditation from a qualified teacher, a wide variety of meditation apps are now available.


Why is meditation a good fit for Global Wellness Day?

The mind is arguably our greatest asset and meditation is one of the most effective tools for managing and expanding the capability of the mind, reducing stress and allowing sustainable happiness. When our minds have difficulty interpreting and integrating new information that’s coming through at increasingly faster speeds, it puts stress on both the nervous system and the mind. Meditation has been at the forefront of well-being in the eastern part of the world for nearly 5,000 years. Global Wellness Day provides a unique, extensive platform for the west to learn and embrace the practice of meditation.


What do you think about the growing popularity of meditation?

While many consider the practice of meditation to be an increasingly popular trend, it is instead a 5,000 year-old proven discipline that offers numerous benefits. Regardless of how meditation is packaged or presented, those who practice meditation, even one time, will experience some benefit. Those meditators who practice consistently enjoy expanded awareness, reduced stress and a sustainable state of joy.