Carol’s Daughter Launches Social Campaign

Haircare and skincare brand Carol’s Daughter introduced the #BornandMade campaign, a new movement that encourages girls to be who they were truly born and made to be. It celebrates the brand’s authentic story Born in Brooklyn. “Made With Love” as it honors the diverse community of women. “It’s important for girls to understand and recognize their power and the right way to use it,” says founder Lisa price. “It’s imperative to remind them of who they are, and what they are…in the world. If I can help with that, then I’m getting up for a good reason every day.” Carol’s Daughter teamed up with I Am That Girl, a non-profit co-founded by Emily Greener that inspires girls to love, express, and be exactly who they want to be. “I Am That Girl is shifting girl culture,” says Greener. “By building a community for girls to be seen, be heard, and belong, we are giving them something bigger than themselves to stand for and creating a healthier, more powerful world.” The #BornandMade campaign includes some of the brand’s product lines, like the Hair Milk Collection, the Black Vanilla Collection, the Hairdress Collection and more. The collections offer solutions for all hair types, from dry and brittle to frizzy and fragile, with a range of products developed especially for styling and defining curls. “Says Price, “Working with I Am That Girl and knowing that our products are making a difference in the lives of young girls is everything to me.”

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