Cathay Pacific Airways and Equinox Launch Content Hub

Well PackedCathay Pacific Airways and Equinox have collaborated to launch Well Packed, a wellness content hub. In partnership with Furthermore from Equinox, which is a digital publication for high performance lifestyle content, Well Packed will showcase premium wellness and world travel content. The hub will also serve to inspire and inform the audience that Furthermore from Equinox attracts. "Our audience of high-performers places a premium on travel but isn't willing to leave their fitness routines behind," says Liz Miersch, executive managing director of Furthermore from Equinox. "We're thrilled to partner with Cathay Pacific and showcase the seamless integration of wellness and world travel. Our content hub—like Furthermore itself—uses compelling storytelling, cutting-edge science, and an elevated aesthetic to inspire and inform."

This wellness content partnership aims to reach travelers with this message: to motivate, inspire, and support the balance between wanderlust and wellness for those seeking to live a high performance lifestyle. Under the theme of Well Packed, the content hub will feature videos and articles, including a bespoke travel and wellness guide called The Jet Lag Bible, which will deliver inspiring and informative content that is essential to the lifestyle of the contemporary, mindful traveler. Throughout the year, Well Packed will also feature in-flight beauty secrets of Cathay Pacific flight attendants, the training regimens of Shaolin monks, an extreme travel guide, and leisure trip itineraries. "We hope to inspire travelers to honor their wellbeing when they travel," says Robecta Ma, vice president of marketing, Americas for Cathay Pacific. "You take yourself with you wherever you go, and your mental and physical wellness should not have to be compromised. This creative partnership with Furthermore from Equinox highlights that a holistic approach is possible, regardless of schedules and time zones."


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