Check is in the mail...

My first Groupon check arrived $$$

Promptly like they said on Monday.

Thus far, I have booked and made up approx. 50 ladies and more to come. It is steady and nothing we cannot handle along with our regular clients and shoppers. So far so GREAT~

Offering a discount in this down and very slow recovering economy has been working. It’s not an every day deal…it’s one time. The Grouponites (I affectionately call them) are so nice and a CLASS act new client. Every person who has come in has made a purchase!

I am so pleased, as a small petite and sweet beauty business, this is working out for us and bringing us NEW blood who may have never heard of us as well as clients who have just moved here.

Come back… and I will tell you even more. Questions…E-mail me at [email protected]