Deepak Chopra Launches New Wellbeing Platform

Wellbeing platform JiyoPhysician, author, and wellness expert Deepak Chopra has launched the new wellbeing platform Jiyo, which aims to be a personal companion to help with a healthy transformation. Created in partnership with entrepreneur Poonacha Machaiah, the purpose of Jiyo is to address health and wellbeing holistically, encourage lifestyle modification, and offer expert insights across categories from exercise and nutrition to sleep and stress, as well as exclusive interactive meditation videos with Chopra. The platform also uses intuitive technology to analyze users’ behaviors and make recommendations based on his or her wellbeing habits. “The goal of Jiyo is to impact a billion lives around the world by enabling them to experience a joyful, energetic body; a loving, compassionate heart; a restful, alert mind; and a lightness of being,” says Chopra

Jiyo aims to go beyond traditional apps and devices by offering insights and curated content and services along with a 360-degree approach to wellbeing. It focuses on five pillars of wellness— personal growth, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and relationships. Wellbeing communities are also a key feature of the platform, and users will be able to access the communities by subscription. The app has also partnered with business management software provider Mindbody, which will connect users to Mindbody’s worldwide network of more than 277,000 practitioners in fitness, beauty, and wellness to find and book classes and appointments with local experts. In addition, Jiyo has also partnered with Apollo Life, a leader in the health and wellness segment in South Asia, to develop a health risk assessment and wellbeing index. This partnership will enable Jiyo to bring wellbeing services to nearly 1.5 million corporate users. Says Machaiah, “Jiyo aims to democratize wellbeing by leveraging mobile technology, devices/sensors, curated content/services, and prescriptive analytics to provide the consumer with services that will enable them to make positive lifestyle changes.”