Dermalogica Opens Kiosk in London's Largest Mall

Dermalogica has opened a 300-square-foot kiosk in London's Westfield Shopping Centre, the largest shopping mall in Europe, visited by nearly a million shoppers each week. The kiosk is located adjacent to the upscale area of the mall referred to as The Village. Shoppers can browse the company's products at the kiosk or opt for a Face Mapping, Skin Bar, or MicroZone treatment.

"The world economy has shifted the consumer's focus from service and treatment to retail products," says Jane Wurwand, founder and owner of Dermalogica. "We're reaching out in new ways to make professional skincare and optimum skin health accessible to more people. Our strategy with this location and others to follow is to educate consumers about their specific skin conditions, which products are needed, and how to and how to use them correctly for maximum effect."

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