Do wellness and spa belong at a hair show?

I'm back from the ISSE Long Beach show. The EstheticsAmerica +Wellness pavillion really picked up on the second day. Overall the place was mobbed on Sunday--the day every hairdresser has off. I was pondering on my flight back to San Francisco, did the wellness and spa pavillion "fit" with this show, or is it a mismatch for these environments to co-exist?

We posted this question on the SpaTrade's Facebook page. Such great comments were posted -- with really valid points on both sides. Some of the comments are posted below:

“Anything esthetic, whether it's hair, nails or facials, isn't traditional spa, which is about wellness...the majority of days spas are glorified beauty salons...combining the two at conferences or expos is just a way to drive more attendee business, or to maximize attendee ticket prices, since many hair salons have a "spa" component.”

- Terry Herman

“I tend to agree with Terry, it’s not how I would prefer to see things happen , but on so many levels our 2 worlds collide & compliment simultaneously!! No getting away from it!! “

- Tazeem JamaI

“Yes they should. It’s all beauty and wellness”

-  Lynette Hendrix Crawford

 “Wellness, hair, facials, skincare nails...all depend on overall wellness. From diet, exercise, vitamin supplements; all aid in beauty and wellness. Your hair, nails and skin benefit from the spa wellness perspective. I can see a tie albeit a loose one. But see no reason not to combine the dates and location if for no other reason than economically & convenience.”

-  Teri B Johannes

“No...skincare and massage are very different environment than hair care. Keep them separate....please!”

-  Nicola Ericson

 "From a Consumer point of view, it may be all the same so if we, the industry, find ways to coexist it ultimately benefits the consumer from an ambiance, time, and money point of view; plus isn't the working definition of Wellness including Beauty?"

-  Mary Darling

I agree that salon and spa are integrally tied together. The cultures are so different, however, it seems that we are living in parrallel worlds. What are your thoughts about the integration of salon, spa and wellness?  A holistic experience that improves appearance, well-being and quality of life is what the customer is asking for. Shouldn't we work together to provide a seamless experience? Please share your thoughts on this important topic, and join SpaTrade on Facebook if you haven't already!


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