DoTerra Wellness Advocate Teaches High School Stress Management Class

DoTerra is an initiative that recognizes and raises awareness for wellness advocates who contribute to worthy causes worldwide. Wellness advocate Karen Renaud teaches a class about stress management at her local high school in Medfield, MA, where she uses her experience from serving on the business side of DoTerra to help the students manage their stress and enhance their wellbeing. The class comes after results from the high school’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey showed that students feel like they have high stress levels. The class was created to help students deal with the typical feelings of anxiety that teenagers experience. This semester, Renaud is teaching a new elective course for students who are interested in learning a variety of stress management techniques like meditation and mindfulness. In her class, Renaud will also focus on activities like practicing mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and Tai Chi. Students keep their own journals and develop personalized stress management plans throughout the course. Part of their planning will include daily "self-checks," as well as pre- and post-stress management activities to track their progress.