Earth Matters Apothecary Skincare and Bodycare Launches

ASTECC founder and spa industry leader Anne Bramham recently launched Earth Matters Apothecary and its accompanying ecommerce website Uniquely designed  to address the three major body types—endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph—the organically ‘constitutionally’ formulated bath and skincare product line features a shower gel, mineral bath formula, body lotion, and body oil as well as aromatic facial ointments. All products are synergistically formulated with marine plants, essential oils, herbs, and medicinal clays. “Skincare is healthcare,” says Bramham. “Earth Matters is designed to cleanse, nourish and restore vitality to both body and mind. Our nutritive rich products thoroughly hydrate the skin while re-mineralizing and restoring healthy elemental balance.”

With a mantra of “The matter of earth connects us to all matters,” Earth Matters’ingredients are organically sourced from sea plants, flowers, herbs and spices. Meticulously formulated to address the nutritional bio-chemical requirements of the classic body types constitutions, Earth Matters is all natural, highly personalized and, according to Bramham,  as luxurious as it is therapeutic. “In restoring elemental balance, we come home to ourselves,” she says. “Our skin looks and feels much better because it is nourished and fortified. And so is our essence. We grow calmer…more centered. We feel more like ourselves. With Earth Matters, we work with the laws of nature and nature is very wise.”
With a commitment to protect and preserve the health of our planet, Earth Matters plans to contribute a portion of all profits to global environmental initiatives. Earth Matters’ packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly and includes the use of recycled paper, glass bottles, ‘green’ packing materials and terra skin labeling. Product refills are delivered in paper bags and are easily transferrable into one of Earth Matters’ attractive, limited edition artisan clay pots. Clients are encouraged to recycle their nutrient-rich bath water to water plants and yard. Now thru June 1, 2015, Earth Matters offers a special introductory promotion: a complimentary artisan clay pot and free shipping with every order of $250 and up.
Earth Matters Apothecary products are available online at or at select spa locations outlets. The first spa to carry Earth Matters Apothecary products in its retail store and use in practice is The Mayflower Spa at the Mayflower Grace Hotel (Washington, CT). On the west coast, Spa Montage (Laguna Beach, CA). is using the constitutional oils and bath mix for its Elements of Wellness wraps. And Spa Montage (Deer Valley, UT) uses the constitutional oils in its Elements of Wellness treatments.