Eco-Friendly Cushion Innovation

spa recycling and green business ideas

spa recycling and green business ideasComfort for your spa-goers is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, a comfortable chair or massage table often contains materials that are not eco-friendly. What if you could ensure seats, tables, and beds throughout your spa are comfortable and eco-friendly? Now that’s true peace of mind. And it’s within reach thanks to new recyclable foam made of a sugar-derived material. Generally cushions are made of polyurethanes that end up in landfills after they’re worn out. According to a report published in the journal ACS Macro Letters, Marc A. Hillmyer and his colleagues have developed an efficient method to make a sugar-derived rubbery polyester compound known as poly(β-methyl-δ-valerolactone) or PMVL. Using this new polymer, the researchers made flexible polyurethane foams that were comparable to the landfill-clogging versions already on the market. That’s not all; the significant innovation in PMVL is that the material is chemically recyclable. The team proved it by first adding a catalyst, and then heating the materials to a high temperature. Through this recycling process, the researchers recovered up to 97 percent of a pure form of the starting β-methyl-δ-valerolactone (MVL), which can then be used to re-make PMVL with essentially identical properties. That’s sustainable design that you can rest easy with.

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