Essie Opens Salon in Hollywood

EssieEssie unveiled a salon at The Painted Nail (Los Angeles). Located in the heart of Hollywood, the newly opened location at the W Hotel offers more than 250 Essie nail polish colors. “My staff is extremely well-rounded,” says founder Katie Cazorla. “They don’t just show up, do nails, and leave. Everyone can jump in at any time and run the show.” Clients can choose from a variety of services ranging from $12 to $60 with combination packages ranging from $30 to $90, including The Ice Cream Sundae, which allows guests to select chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla scented treatments for hands and feet. “Californian women take their nails seriously, so we are thrilled that Essie now has a such a stylish, perfect home in Los Angeles,” says Leena Jain, vice president of marketing at Essie Professional. “The Painted Nail has done an amazing job of creating a luxurious, chic environment and offering the very best services while remaining friendly, fun, and inviting.”

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