An Evening of Wellness & Beauty come together in NYC!

Last week I had the pleasure to co-host an event with the prestigious Caudalie Spa at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. This event was focused on bringing beauty & wellness together through the integration of topical antioxidant rich skin treatments and nourishing “from within” with balanced nutrition and nutritional beauty supplementation (via nutricosmetics.) Our presentation focused on how combining external aesthetic treatments with nutrition & supplementation provides a complete approach to total beauty and healthy aging. This has been the European and Asian philosophy for years now, and we are just beginning to take this approach in North America.

I must admit, after spending the last year and a half educating both industry and consumer about “beauty from within,” it was amazing to see such an incredible turnout for this event! The evening was such a success that the room hit capacity within 15 minutes and the Caudalie Treatment Manager and myself were bombarded with questions throughout the evening.  The evening was highlighted as the event of the week by leading industry media and the feedback from consumer and industry has been phenomenal!  With such a success, this is definitely a turning point for the spa industry as more and more consumers are recognizing the importance of nutrition and supplementation as the foundation to optimal health and how this, with topical beauty programs may help to combat accelerated aging.